I fell in love with Hawai'i at seventeen. I came for a vacation and stayed for the community. In Kaua'i I found a connection and kindness within the local community that I had never experienced before. Between that and the beauty of the land, I couldn’t imagine leaving. When I became a parent in 1992, Hawaii was the perfect place to raise my son. Although life has taken me in many directions, I’ve always found my way back to Hawai'i.

In 2018 I moved back to Hawai'i fresh from a hysterectomy. My hormones were imbalanced and I felt unclear mentally. In 2019 I began making juice as a way to help with these issues as well as to help ease inflammation. Each ingredient was curated to have a variety of benefits. However, I found much more through my creation than I ever expected. It helped to alleviate my depression, supported my sobriety, and created a general sense of balance.

When COVID lockdown started in 2020, I began making juice for my friends and the unhoused population to keep myself busy and of service to my community. As my weekly juice drop-offs grew, so did orders I wasn’t expecting. People shared with me how it helped balance them out, and helped ease a multitude of ailments. As my unintended business grew, it became increasingly important for me to keep the juice accessible to anyone who wanted it so I worked with the FDA to have it approved for purchase with food stamps. Accessibility to health is a key component of my wellness mission.

Community, creation, and connection have lifted me up through the most difficult times in my life. Family is where our roots begin and I want to share the strength of my family through Uproot Origin. Because of this, community is at the heart of Uproot Origin and foundational to our continued presence. Our produce is sourced locally and supports the island's small farms and economy. Our local ingredients ensure that the juice is fresh and our community is cared for.