• STERLING B. / PHOTOGRAPHER / @sterlingbatson

    "Uproot Origin's Elixir is a dream come true. It's local, great tasting, and gives my immune system a boost that it needs. I have been drinking Uproot now for just over a year and I have never felt better!"


    "Uproot Origin is food for the cells and soul. It's olena magic literally feels like sunshine after the rain...giving warmth, wellness, clarity, protection and a raise in vibration. It's like every cell is getting a personalized hug; loved and renewed."


    "I feel so lucky to have found Uproot Origin and to know that each bottle is crafted with the best ingredients by the best people. Whenever I'm feeling achy or sore in my joints and muscles, I know I can trust the Elixir to move through my body and help soothe the inflammation. If I'm feeling frazzled, or lost in the fog, the Elixir is there again to help ignite the light in my mind. The Elixir wraps around my mind and body like a hug from a dear friend. Aloha Uproot Origin!"


    This juice is powerful!!! It's a perfect combination of flavors and sensations. The honey soothes the kick of the ginger for a smooth finish. I usually drink shots of it straight up, or if I am feeling like having a fun drink, I'll mix it into some seltzer water!"


    “After over a year of cancer treatments (chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, and radiation) my skin, hormones, and spirit were struggling. When I mentioned to Megan how out of balance I felt and how dry my skin was, she offered me Uproot Origin to try. As a born skeptic, I asked her, really? Juice will help? But she told me it helped her a lot so I decided to give it a try. After a couple weeks of drinking Uproot Origin regularly I found that my hot flashes from chemo decreased and my aesthetician didn’t even realize I was going through chemo. Now I take a lot of joy in trying different recipes with the Elixir or just pouring it in my water to drink throughout the day. It is a fun ritual for my body and my creativity.”

  • Charlotte Leger

    We were truly blessed to be some of the first recipients of Uproot Origin during the pandemic. That juice literally illuminated our bodies and forged bonds within our apartment building and between our neighbors. There is so much love, so much care and deep tending that goes into it. Megan is a powerhouse of a woman, and a true gift of a person, who pours all that love and all that activation inside of her medicine. I have watched Uproot Origin grow from the tiny home kitchen to where it is now, but it still feels like it’s Megan’s love at our doorstep wishing for our health and wellness. Thank you for your tender care and your golden magic.

  • Bree Dodd

    I was introduced to UPROOT ORIGIN July 2023 at the Occidental farmers market. My best friend and I both bought 16 oz of the Elixir after hearing the benefits. We were looking for something that would help to regulate our hormones and would be beneficial to our overall health. We took it as directed and both of noticed a difference within a few days… yes days! I personally noticed my energy level was a bit elevated as well as my stomach issues doing better. That following month my menstrual cycle was REGULAR- which I’ve had irregular cycles since high school and have tried everything! I was nervous this was a fluke, but continued to purchase and consume the Elixir and continued to be impressed. Fast forward to today; I continue to have elevated energy levels, less stomach issues and regular cycles since first taking UPROOT ORIGIN and don’t think I will ever go back. If you’re having issues with stomach problems, energy levels or hormonal imbalances I think giving this company’s product a try would be more than beneficial for you!

  • Natalia

    Every once in a blue moon, you'll come across something tasty that you can feel was made with love. Since trying Uproot, I feel more grounded in myself, have been more motivated, passionate, and energetic. Something that I have been missing for the past few months. I am very grateful not just for the beneficial medicinal properties it has provided, but more than anything - a little soul healing that I needed. Thank you for making your Elixir with intention, it is something I can say, I really do taste the Aloha. For that, I am forever grateful. Mahalo